*First please have patience, we receive many trade offers and submissions each week. We will contact each of you in the order your inquiry arrives. It is important to us that your titles / releases are distributed through the DHR Network. Send an email promo package / web links to: [email protected] We respond to all inquiries, please have patience.

We work our distribution deals in three different ways...

  • 1. TRADES: (Professional Manufactured Physical Copies Only! CDR's and Dubbed Tapes not accepted! Period!)

The most common way of stocking product at DHR is through trading.We trade using the trade point rate system below. Packaging and cost of maufacturing is how the trade point value system is allocated.

*Example: GATEFOLD LP or BOX SET with special packaging can have a trade point value up to 25 points! Obviously if we paid a shit ton of money to manufacture a release with deluxe packaging it will be worth more trade point value, if we even trade the item at all.

Do not ask to trade CD for LP or SHIRTS it is a tremendous waste of time for all parties involved...

Trades must be sent to us package well... We will do the same.

Inside USA all CD trades are sent with Jewel Case unless otherwise discussed at the time trade is negotiated.

Outside USA make sure CD's are removed from Jewel Case and NEVER placed inside booklets. Items must be separated and packaged tightly to avoid scuffs to the discs, bends, indents or folds to booklets / traycards.

LP's MUST be removed from their jackets and packaged to avoid any type of corner dings, bends, etc...

If this philosophy is not used your package can be REFUSED & RETURNED!  We always package with great care and so should you!

**To new labels, distros, bands or people that we have not traded with yet: YOU MUST SEND YOUR PACKAGE FIRST! No exceptions, no discussions! Dark Horizon has been established for 22 years (1996 - 2018) there should be no question of our integrity... It is you who must prove your sincerity / integrity.

CD / DIGI CD = 4 - 10 Points
MCD / DIGI MCD = 3 - 8 Points
7" EP = 1.5 - 5 Points
10" MLP = 4 - 10 Points
12" LP = 4 - 25 Points
CASSETTES = 2 - 5 Points
TS = 5 - 20 Points
LS / HOODIE = 10 - 35 Points
MAGAZINES = 2 - 5 Points
DVD = 4 - 15 Points

  • 2. CONSIGNMENT: (Professional Manufactured Physical Copies Only! CDR's and Dubbed Tapes not accepted! Period!)

If you are interested in stocking bulk copies of your product through DHR we will place them on consignment. Our shopping cart will track the sale of your products & payments will be made via PAYPAL on a quarterly basis.

  • 3. WHOLESALE PURCHASE: (Professional Manufactured Physical Copies Only! CDR's and Dubbed Tapes not accepted! Period!)

In some cases we will purchase your product directly, depending on our monthly buying budget or demand for your product.

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